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Websites for NGOs, websites that are designed to raise money for a specific cause come under non-profit websites. Non-profit websites usually made with the .org domain as they are not commercial websites. There are Dos and Don’ts particularly for the non-profit websites. There’s no sales pitch, but a donate button and approach for the button is surely different.

nonprofit websites
Non-Profit Website Solutions We Offer…
  • Minimal Price:We offer our non-profit website development services at a minimal price.
  • Maintenance: We offer regular maintenance for non-profit websites
  • Safe Transaction: Non-profit websites usually have a ‘Donate’ button so safe transaction is a must for these websites.
  • Strong Platform: We build non-profit websites on strong platforms that don’t require time to time work. It lets you continue the non-profit work and website continues doing its work.
  • Google Guidelines: Google have issued special guidelines for the non-profit website and we follow exactly that while developing a website. And, Google gives ad benefits to non-profit websites only when the guidelines are followed.
There are other guidelines too, RichestSoft developers know these guidelines very well. Non-Profits websites too need to be to optimized for Google (ON-Page SEO) and social sharing (SMO). Once all the Google guidelines are met, then the next task is to make the website that emotionally appeals to the visitors. It should be represented in a way so that the visitor volunteers to be part of the team or donates by clicking on the donate button.

Consult RichestSoft web developers to know what can be done with your non-profit website. Our web developers will suggest you the best practices to perform in your non-profit websites as per the cause for which you are working. Catching the crux of the cause is really very important as it helps in building and maintaining the emotional approach throughout the website.

nonprofit websites
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