E-Commerce Websites

Building an online store is same as constructing a physical store. You need expert designers, expert builders of the trade to make your dream physical store a reality. Same process you have to go through, only this time, you need website designers and developers and a lot less investment.

e-Commerce Websites
Ecommerce Website Solutions We Offer…
  • Product Listing:Categorize wise, price wise product listing is important for the visitor visiting the website. Our developers make a proper wire-frame for each page type.
  • Shopping Cart: We design and develop an easily accessible shopping cart for the access.
  • Secured Payment Gateway: Secured Payment Gateway is essential for the customer to feel safe about his/her money.
  • Order Management: RichestSoft offers order management services for all sorts of e-Commerce websites.
  • Multi-Platform Experience: Our developers have experience on the most popular developing platforms available for e-commerce websites.
Why an e-Commerce Website?
  • Less expensive than a physical store, Less Manpower & Lower Costs

  • Expanded reach via the Internet

  • Better understanding of customer behavior by tracking their search data on your website

The approach for the design, color combination, text font is same as for any other website. A Wire-Frame of each page is constructed which shows the proper placement of the elements, their size on the page. Wire-frame is shared with the clients and after his/her approval, we begin the designing and developing of the website. And, after the progress is shared with the client after each stage.

RichestSoft developers have hands-on experience on Shopify, OsCommerce, Magento and more…

e-Commerce Websites
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