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You have heard the term web 2.0 website design. But, what is it? What are the essentials of it? What’s the buzz surrounding it? Here’s your answer Web 2.0 is the second development phase of the internet. It focuses on the website development keeping in mind the today’s needs of the user and social media necessities. It’s the new internet law for the web designing.

Website Designing Solutions RichestSoft Offers…
  • Responsive Website Design:Whatever RichestSoft website designers do, they make sure that the end product is responsive.
  • SEO-friendly Web Design:SEO factors are considered while designing a website to make the website ON-page ready for Google.
  • Intelligent User-Interface:Our designs have intelligent user-interface that visitors enjoy.
  • Customized Website Design:Want some tweaks on your current website design. Not a problem at all for RichestSoft website designers
  • E-Commerce Website Design:We design such estores that people want to purchase products from.
Website Design in today’s date lies in web 2.0 design which contains…

  • Central layout, simple navigation, separate sections
  • Less Columns, bold colors, bold logos, & bold text
  • Dedicated Icons, rich media placement
  • Social Sharing Buttons, font selection, size & color

For the uninitiated ones, web 2.0 means, trendiness, modernity, and unlimited coolness.

The web 2.0 tools are very useful for building a website. A designer with hands-on experience of web 2.0 website designing can do magic to your website. Such magicians are at RichestSoft. RichestSoft is one website design company that you can trust.

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