UI/UX Designs

    • UI – User Interface Design
    • UX – User Experience Design
RichestSoft UI / UX Designers have worked on both the technologies. They understand each of it clearly. If you are looking for any UI / UX designer, call RichestSoft. All your UI / UX challenges will be met here. Our web designers will leave you in awe with their UI / UX designing skills.

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UI/UX Design Solutions We Offer…
  • Information Architecture: The goal is to build an easy information structure for the visitor. Website and application we build are organized to deliver the information to the audience.
  • Interaction Design: Any activity visitors perform on the website is interaction. It can be a single click or a complete form filling for submission.
  • Visual Design: The Look and the feel of the website or application. It’s the face of your company for the online visitors.
User Experience Design Involves
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • User, client and research-based design
  • Wireframes
  • Blueprints
  • User Centered Design
User Interface Design Involves
  • Convergent and Creative Thinking
  • Client’s need-based designer
  • Mockups
  • Graphics
  • Visual Design

You will find people agreeing to the point that UI web design and UX web design are almost the similar terms. And, you will also find people agreeing to the point UI and UX are different. It’s a case-sensitive matter. And, what matters the most is the guys designing UI and UX for you.

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