Logo Design

  • Where Words Don’t Work, The Company Logo Does
A logo should be created with such an inspiration. The idea behind logo designing is to give a business a symbol that will later define the company’s identity. The company, as a brand, will grow along with this Logo.
What if I just write a company’s name here, its logo will pop up in your head.You may or may not remember the tagline of that brand, but the logo – You can’t miss that!

Logo Designing Solutions We Offer…
  • Client Demand & Industry Niche: A logo designed without taking client’s demand and industry niche in mind is an incomplete Logo.
  • USP of the Logo: Unique Selling Proposition is important for company’s branding and we take care of that.
  • Catchy Logo: A catchy and attractive logo grabs attention and solves the purpose for which it was designed.
  • Time Saving: The latest software used to design the logo saves time and the job gets completed on time.
Elements of a Good Logo
  • Company’s Character Color
  • Eye Catchy & adequate size
  • The message Deliverability of the Logo
  • KISS – Keep It Simple Silly! & Avoid Complex Designs
  • Graphical Balance of the Logo as per color and boldness
  • If text in included in the Logo, TYPOGRAPHY is very Important
  • Don’t forget the Goal of the Logo – Recognition & Branding

The creative and professional approach of RichestSoft Designers in all the projects is the team’s strength. Our team understands the value of a logo in the long run of the industry sectors. Our team will design the logo based on the current industry standards, information collected from you, and all the pointed mentioned above. You won’t regret your decision of choosing RichestSoft over others.