Service Cloud

  • Support Customer on Multiple Channels
  • Better Customer Relationship
  • Happy Customers
services cloud
Give the support to the customers they demand. This way, you not only solve the issues they are facing but also win their trust and build goodwill among them. Salesforce Service Cloud just does that for you and never let your customers face a delay in support or service that would harm your company’s goodwill.

Service Cloud Solutions RichestSoft Offers…
  • Service Console: All the agent data and information from various social media channels are placed in a strategic & segmented manner for easy access.
  • Knowledge Base: Spread your company’s knowledge base that is easily accessible to the customers. This way, your customers won’t have to waste time and Surf here and there on the internet.
  • Reach Customers on Social Media: Learn to Resolve queries on social media channels and never leave any customer disappointed.
  • Field Service Lighting: Our Salesforce Service Cloud Consultants suggest solutions to take total control on service section under the Field Service Lighting of Salesforce.

RichestSoft believes that there’s no end to knowledge. More you learn about Salesforce Service Cloud, more you get out of it. That’s why we provide

  • Installation Guide: Contact us if you want to install the Sales Cloud with the best settings.
  • Overall Training: From the first-time log in till the logout feature and in between, we cover all the topics for which you need assistance.
  • AppExchange: Install the best apps to ease down, automate and accomplish various tasks.
  • Integration & implementation: Integrate with various partners and grow together.
One call or email and unlock our wide range of services.
services cloud