App Cloud

A New Way to Build App – as Salesforce markets it App Cloud. Salesforce introduced App Cloud so that everyone can create applications up to some stage. Before this, a developer was needed right at the beginning stage of the app development process. But, with App Cloud, anyone can create an app up to a particular stage.

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App Cloud Solutions Provided by RichestSoft…
  • Mobile App Building: With RichestSoft’s app cloud solutions, you can have your own business app to cover the mobile user-base.
  • Business Process Automation: Business process automation reduces the time taken for laborious tasks.
  • Delivering Great Customer Experience: Our customer experience deliverance solutions help the companies make their customers happy.
  • Connect and Integrate: RichestSoft’s App Cloud integration solutions let your app cloud perform better than ever.

Highlights of Salesforce App Cloud

  • Salesforce App Cloud is a (PaaS) Platform as a Service
  • App Cloud manages the upgrades, software, hardware and more
  • Lighting components, process builder, connect, & Schema Builder feature
  • Shield Encryption Software
  • Trailhead Integration
  • Thunder Development Framework
  • Heroku Enterprise functionality

At RichestSoft, our expert Salesforce App Cloud consultants give a thorough round up of the App Cloud to the user or dedicated consultation for particular feature or functionality in the App Cloud. Consult with our App Cloud consultants once and you will never feel the need to so somewhere else for the consultation.

Get more out of Salesforce App Cloud with RichestSoft Consultation Services.
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