RichestSoft purveys nothing less than Certified Marketo Consulting Services. Marketo gives you power to generate good leads, bring the right audience in, and increase revenue. RichestSoft will assist in harnessing and channelizing that power in the right direction for best results. That being said, our extensive execution and marketing planning consultation services ensure seamless operation of your Marketo Automation Platform.

Solutions We Offer

Our certified Marketo Automation Consultants will analyze the current standing of your Marketo Automation system and evaluate the statistics. Analysis based suggestions and recommendations will be provided to eliminate the weak spots of the campaign.We will make you understand your current standings and what does each figure or percentage level means in your Marketing Automation System.

Marketing Campaign Setup and Management

  • Email Marketing Campaign, Social Media Campaign, Web Marketing Campaign Setup and Management consultant services.
  • Planning, creating and Managing of several Marketing Campaigns
  • Custom Asset Development and Strategy Building

Lead Generation

  • Creating an interest in the customer
  • Initiating the connection with the interested customer.
  • Appointment Setting with the quality leads
  • Data Segmentation

Audience Engagement

  • Developing, implementing and tracking the audience engagement strategies that are best for a particular business.
  • Using preferred Social Media Channels and other platforms for engagement

Lead Nurturing

  • Marketing and communication efforts
  • Requirements as per the audience response
  • Implementations to develop healthy relationships with customers/clients/buyers.

Insights, Analytical & Statistical Reporting

  • Every plan of action is reviewed.
  • Based on the insight, analytical, and statistical reports, new plans are suggested that focus on the weak spots in the previous plan.

Platform Based Automation

  • RichestSoft Offers solutions based on the platform you wish to work.
  • Whether you wish to work on single channel or multi-channel, we can offer you best in class cross platform based automation services.

Case Studies