Social Media Services

Channels that were launched to build a social network of the users have now become important platforms to promote business, engage users, sell products, promote services, build customer base and credibility online. These channels have become so important that almost all the channels offer paid advertising services matching to the standards of Google’s PPC Adwords, but on their particular platforms.

It’s not the question of having one social media platform for your business promotion. You may use all by skipping just one or two. Not all social media platforms allow DoFollow links and not all are adequate for your business niche. That’s why your business niche plays crucial role in deciding which social media platform you should use.

Solutions We Offer

Goal Defining

  • Achievable Goals
  • Measurable & Realistic Goals
  • Time & Specific Goals
  • Ethical & organic Goals

Profile Maintenance

  • Filling correct info on the page
  • Multiple contact information
  • Interlinking other channels & Websites
  • Choosing Brand specific Display Pictures


  • Interactive textual Posts
  • Engaging Pictorial Posts
  • ‘#’ tags & ‘@’ feature
  • Posts with Link to Websites


  • ‘Like’ & ‘Impression’ status
  • ‘Follower’ & ‘fans’ status
  • ‘Reach’ & ‘Engagement’ status
  • Future strategy based on insights


  • Post Sharing in Groups
  • Post Sharing in Communities
  • Comments on relevant posts
  • Reaching via personal messages

Get Close to Clients

  • Reply to client queries
  • Thank you message to Positive Feedback
  • Customer Delight
  • Giving Offers via Social Media

Channel Wise Social Media Platform