PPC Campaign Management

All the forms of internet marketing spread the words about your company, products, services across channels. However, all the manual efforts gradually increase your ROI and are inconsistent. To eradicate this inconsistency, Search Engines offer Pay-per-Click. This Marketing method is operated to increase sales.

PPC Campaigns are specifically designed to generate profitable Returns on Investment in the Campaigns. Your customers are present on the internet via various devices and PPC campaigns are the way to reach them and let them buy your products. Pay-per-Click is sales pitch dedicated.

The PPC Campaigns are effective when your money is spent to create the right message to deliver to the right audience. At RichestSoft, we focus on channelizing your budget on the right message for the right audience so you get maximum ROI. PPC Team at RichestSoft has worked day in day out to make the Adwords Campaign of clients a successful marketing tool. The results we achieve for clients via their PPC Campaign Management speak for us.

Keyword Management

  • Target Keyword Research
  • Grouping of Keywords
  • Negative Keywords to Increase Relevancy
  • Review Costly Keywords

Ad Relevancy & Quality Score

  • Keyword Focused Ads and Landing Pages
  • Relevant Ads Mean High ROI
  • Better Performance at Ad Auctions & High-Quality Score
  • Good Positioning of the Ads

Campaign Management

  • General Settings
  • Search Network Settings
  • Display Network Settings
  • Location, Language, Bidding & Budget Settings

USP of the Ad

  • Unique Call to Action
  • Ad Extensions
  • Check USP by Split Testing
  • Effective Landing Page

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