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iOS 11 Files App Tips And Tricks

Two years ago iCloud Drive app was launched with iOS. Now it is replaced with Files App in the latest version of iOS. iOS 11 laucnehd recently and it is not just come with the name change, but it has lots of amazing features too. So are you ready to know them?

iCloud Drive

You will not just find iCloud Drive files, created and utilized by 3rd party apps, Apple’s own set of apps in the Files app or on Mac, but 3rd party storage can also be integrated with the app.

During the beta, Google Drive, PDF Expert, and Dropbox were available in the Locations part of the app. Now after the latest update it is possible that more apps will support iOS 11.

Add Additional Services

In the Locations sections, you can now easily remove or add storage option. You just need to tap on Edit, after this, you will find a list of option, toggle on the service which you want to add.

Currently, 3rd party apps have a different view. One would think after the latest release all apps will start updating for the new operating system. The way of accessing the files in Google Drive or Dropbox will look same and act same like iCloud Drive files.


With new iOS Files app you can quickly perform the task like Rename, Copy, Share, Duplicate, Move, Tags, Share, and Info by long pressing the file. It will show you a list of options. Folders will have the same option, the different thing you will notice is Share is changed with a Favorite option. You can favorite any folder to add it in Files app’s Locations section.

Cloud Icon Tells You Lot

Have a close eye on Cloud icon, especially if it has down arrow. If cloud icon has down arrow, then it means that file is not downloaded yet. You need to tap on it to download the file to your device. Be careful of large files especially when you are using mobile data.

Limited ZIP Support

The first version of Files app comes with limited ZIP file support. With that version, you couldn’t compress set of folders or files nor uncompress folder.

Now, what is added in new? Nothing much but a simple feature allows you to check what inside the compressed or ZIP file, but it too has limitation. Preview tool will help you to check what inside the file, and moreover, you can extract a file but one at a single time.

iCloud Sharing

When you open Share Sheet of any file, you will notice an option Add People. What is it? Actually, by selecting this option, you can use iCloud Drive sharing too. Yes, you read it right now you can access iCloud Sharing very easily. You can choose who can view, edit and modify the file.

Drag And Drop Feature Isn’t Limited To iPad Only

Who doesn’t love the drag and drop feature? It’s easy and fast, right? Well, new iOS 11 Files app has this feature which is earlier limited to iPad’s only. This is not a simple drag and drops feature, but it has something more advance which you love you use.

You need to long press on any single file until it pop ups now adds another file to it just by a single tap. After this you know how to drop the file into your preferred location, right?

This tip works on iPad and iPhone. On iPad, you can move files between apps, and on iPhone, you can only move files within the Files app.

Recent Section

iOS Files app has a Recent section now. You can check all the recent files here. On iPad you don’t need to launch the iOS Files app separately, just long press on Files app icon and it will show you recently accessed files. That’s not it right from here you can open or drag to the preferred app.

It seems that new iOS 11 has opened the gate for new iOS apps. If you have any great idea in your mind, then don’t let it die. Immediately hire iOS app developers in India. Apart from this if you have any custom web development services requirement then feel free to contact us.